Vegetarian Meatballs with Soy Honey Glaze Recipe

Looks good. Trying to minimize grains so I was trying to figure out the overall carbs per ball. Anyone has made this that can tell me how many balls the recipe yields? I will review again with my experience once I try it.

gonzogrubLos Angeles05/07/18

This recipe IS vegetarian, but because their is egg – it is NOT vegan.
The other commenter is incorrect.

AnonymousBeaverton, OR05/07/18

There is a one star review below from a person who says BA is “shortsighted” for posting a vegetarian recipe which contains eggs. This person clearly doesn’t understand the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan recipe. Furthermore, there are plenty of egg substitutes, both homemade and commercial that would allow someone to turn the recipe into a vegan recipe. Looks like Anonymous is the one with egg on their face ; )


Wanted to make these, but these are NOT vegetarian as they have eggs in them. Boo. And, short sighted on BA’s part.


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